Education is a very important tool for improving mental capabilities and skills of people. Within the spectrum of various types of education, technical and vocational education assumes significance in a society, which wants to improve productivity, adopt modern technology and promote equity among its members. West Bengal would like to reach the fruits of development to all its citizens and considers technical and vocational education and training as a vehicle for the same.

Our Mission

Improving the quality and extending the reach of the technical education and training to improve skills and economic condition.

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Our Goals

The reach of Polytechnics will be increased by opening new institutes in such geographical areas, which are not presently covered.

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Our Philosophy

At the macro-economic level of the nation, there should be proper balance of 3 sectors so that we can increase and sustain our economic growth.

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Mandatory Disclosure

F.No. Eastern/1-4260028889/2019/EOA
Dated 25-Apr-2019
Period of last approval: 2019-20



We are making hostel provision for the remote students who can stay here and make study without any interruption due to the distance.

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